How to become an observer?

Why to observe the elections?
How to become an observer?
You can be
Why to observe the elections?

PF Wings of Liberty trains observers and monitors at polling stations to ensure fairness and transparency of the election process, as well as to monitor the accessibility of polling stations for people with disabilities.

The presence of an observer at a polling station can make a difference.

When a person with authority knows that he is under the watchful eye, he begins to behave differently: correct, neutral, trying not to break the law.

How to become an observer?

If you are over 18 years of age and a citizen of Kazakhstan, you have the full right to be an observer and participate in election monitoring.

Observers may be citizens of Kazakhstan living in the country or abroad. In the latter case, they may observe elections in the embassies and representative offices of the Republic of Kazakhstan in other countries.

A few simple steps to become an observer:
  • 1

    Define your goal: why do you want to be an observer and why are you willing to spend a few days of your time on it?

    The main thing to answer the question is to answer honestly!

    Observers are not just volunteers, but people who care about the society in which they live. They have a desire to change their country and a desire to make elections more transparent and democratic.

  • 2

    Choose from whom you want to observe: whether you want to be an independent observer or represent a candidate or a political party.

    Very important: if you have certain political views and support a particular candidate or party, become an observer at the headquarters of that candidate or party.

    There is no need to go to independent observers - this way you will be more useful and will not act against your beliefs.

    That's why independent observers are different from others, because it doesn't matter for them who eventually comes to power: it matters for them that the democratic procedure is fair and transparent.

  • 3

    The next step is to find an organization you trust and sign up with them as an observer.

  • 4

    Take an educational training and get an observer's certificate.

  • 5

    Study carefully the Constitutional Law on Elections in Kazakhstan.

  • 6

    Select a polling station or get the number and address from the coordinator.

  • 7

    Come to the polling station on polling day and conduct observation.

Observers not only watch and listen, but also make up acts of violations, fill in election questionnaires, take photos and video of violations and carry out other permitted activities according to Article 20-1 of the Constitutional Law "On elections of the Republic of Kazakhstan".

You can be:
An observer at a polling station
Long-term observer
The Coordinator of observers
A member of the mobile group
Legal advisor
  • 1

    Observers at polling stations help prevent violations and falsification. They act in accordance with the law and monitor compliance with voting and counting procedures. Observers record violations and take photos and videos to record evidence of violations.

  • 2

    Long-term observers carry out monitoring of electoral campaigns from the day of announcement of elections, on the day of voting, as well as during the national counting of votes and announcement of election results.

  • 3

    The observers' coordinators work to coordinate the activities of independent observers, provide urgent information, legal and moral support to the observers at the stations, and are responsible for communication with the observation campaign headquarters.

  • 4

    Correspondents take photographs and videos at various polling stations before and on election day.

  • 5

    The member of the mobile group is a member of a group of 2-3 people and visits the polling stations assigned to his group, is engaged in maintaining high morale among the observers by means of presence and the possibility of providing urgent advisory, legal support at the polling station in case of emergency.

  • 6

    Legal adviser - a person who has a higher legal education, who has passed theoretical as well as practical training on working with the electoral legislation, drawing up acts of observers and drawing up statements of claim to judicial bodies about violations of the electoral legislation. A legal advisor is able to explain to observers, coordinators and members of mobile groups the nuances of the electoral legislation and ways to assert their rights.

Security is a key element in monitoring polling stations.
Each observer is trained to learn the nuances of the law. Knowledge of the law is very important in observation: it will help resolve conflict situations and engage in constructive dialogue with the authorities.
Each observer should prepare for observation and study the Constitutional Law on Elections of Kazakhstan.
An observer should be in constant contact with his or her focal point, who analyses the situation at the polling station and tells him or her what to do in any case.
On election day, a hotline is available for consultations with a lawyer. Each observer can ask for advice or information.
Using a VPN can help you stay connected in case of Internet blockages.
When unlocking a smartphone, we recommend using only the PIN code. Face ID and Touch ID systems make a smartphone vulnerable, as intruders can easily force the owner to look at the camera or apply a finger to the scanner and unlock the phone without much effort.
Signal and Telegram messengers are more secure applications and are recommended for use on voting day.
Observers are advised to avoid conflicts with the members of the election commission and not to give in to provocations, if possible.
In case of psychological pressure it is necessary to record what is happening on the photo and video camera and immediately contact the coordinator.
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