Human Rights Hackathon

is a three-day creative workshop, forum and art platform to jointly seek and create sustainable solutions to important human rights issues through new technologies, the arts and civic activism.
The participants of Hackathon are representatives of different spheres, who listen to a series of lectures, and then unite in groups and take part in the project workshop.
The results of Hackathon are the development and promotion of projects that address existing problems in the human rights field through innovative and creative methods.
The Foundation held two Hackathons on human rights, in December 2017, which was dedicated to International Human Rights Day, and in June 2019.
More than a hundred people apply for participation in Hackathon, and after careful selection only 30 people from all over Kazakhstan take part.

Participants are young people between the ages of 18 and 35 who are members of various organizations, youth associations and clubs or are individual activists, artists, web designers and students who have technical or other solutions to significant human rights issues.

Project speakers and trainers are invited from around the world with a wealth of experience and expertise to teach project planning, give advice and motivate participants and participants in Hakaton to implement ideas.

The conclusion of Hackathon is the presentation of projects and the awarding of diplomas and cash prizes to the winners.

The winners of the prize-winning places have implemented such projects as:

  • 1
    Art installation "Invisible People"
  • 2
    Social comics "Aldar Kose"
  • 3
    Project aimed at socializing young people with hearing loss "Listen with Your Heart"
  • 4
    Website with video tutorials on graphic design for people with disabilities "Online graphic design"
  • 5
    "Monitoring school standards"
  • 6
    QALTADA mobile application
  • 7
    Mobile election observation game ASH
  • 8 website
PF "Wings of Liberty" supports the participants, advises and accompanies them in project management.
18 +
The web-site reflects information on human rights activities launched by PF Wings of Liberty in 2015, aimed at human rights education.

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Sunday is a weekend.
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