About the Foundation

PF Wings of Liberty was established on March,6, 2015.

The Foundation is an open type human rights organization that has accumulated experience and values gained in the process of forming an active citizenship of the organizers and volunteers of the Foundation.

The main directions of the Foundation's work are public protection and promotion of rights and freedoms, educational programs, conducting research, including through monitoring, as well as participation in law-making.

The Foundation's mission

- to build an open civil society through human rights education for citizens.
We believe that we can change an individual's attitude towards the principles of freedom, equality and justice through legal education, development and bringing people together.

The Foundation's principles and values:

  • respect for fundamental human rights and freedoms
  • legality
  • transparency
  • accessibility
  • integrity
  • reasonability

Areas of activity:

Public protection of interests, rights and freedoms

Educational programmes

Research activity

Assistance in restoration of rights and benefits to citizens of Kazakhstan
Realization and protection of political, economic, social and cultural rights and freedoms
Trainings and workshops
Hackathons and schools
Civil education
Public discussions
Monitoring of public services
Research and analytics
Participation in law-making

Our team
  • Yelena Shvetsova
    Executive director, co-founder
    Yelena is a lawyer, has two university degrees and more than 18 years of experience in the public sector. She is an expert on electoral rights, including the accessibility of people with disabilities to polling stations.
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  • Roman Reimer
    Lawyer, co-founder
    Roman Reimer is a human rights defender, civil litigation lawyer and one of the co-founders of the Foundation.
    Roman specializes in the following human rights areas: right to a fair trial, right to participate in the management of public affairs and right to peaceful assembly.
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  • Magzhan Tazhin
    Administrator Human Rights Hub
    Magzhan received his Bachelor of Jurisprudence degree in 2022. Now he is studying for a master's degree in the educational program "Jurisprudence".
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  • Kasiet Temirzakhkyzy
    Project coordinator
    Kassiyet is the coordinator of the mentoring program for human rights trainers in the regions of Kazakhstan. In 2022, she participated as an independent observer from our foundation in the referendum, after which she joined our team as a part of observation missions. Kassiyet has coordinated the observers' headquarters in the last two electoral cycles. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Political Science and a Master's degree in Public Policy. Kassiyet has a keen interest in gender studies, particularly in the economic and political empowerment of women.
Branch in Petropavlovsk
  • Evgeny Soloviev
    Director of the branch of Erkindik Qanaty in Petropavlovsk
    Specializes in electoral and military law in the field of human rights.
    Activities at the Foundation began with the exhibition "Anne Frank: Lessons of History" as a volunteer guide in 2016, continued with active participation in various campaigns and initiatives, and a branch of the Foundation was opened in Petropavlovsk in 2022.
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Our partners
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Office 17, 14 floor 8, Kenesary Street,
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The web-site reflects information on human rights activities launched by PF Wings of Liberty in 2015, aimed at human rights education.

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Office 17, 14 floor
8, Kenesary Street,
Astana (Nur-Sultan)
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The opinion of the speakers and the topics of the events held at HR Hub may not reflect the official position of the Foundation.
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