Human Rights Talks
Let's talk on equal terms

Human Rights Talks

A platform for discussion of human rights issues. For each discussion, experts from a particular human rights field are invited to share their experience with the participants in the event.
Human Rights Talks are held in different cities of Kazakhstan.
Each city develops a different program of activities, which is selected taking into account the interests of participants.

Various topics are discussed, such as: domestic and sexual violence against women and minors, digital rights, rights of observers, irregular migration and trafficking, feminism as a value, the rights to equality and non-discrimination, the protection of workers' rights and the rights to freedom of peaceful assembly and association.

The invited speakers are women human rights activists and human rights defenders, activists, lawyers, bloggers and representatives of public foundations and associations.

Thanks to the format of the event, participants can both listen to the speakers and also enter the discussion and ask all the questions in a free and friendly atmosphere.

Human Rights Talks is an annual event of the Foundation, through which we raise awareness of human rights and promote them among the public.
Let's talk on equal terms
Prior to the launch of the Human Rights Talks project, our Foundation held a public discussion "Let's talk on equal terms" with the support of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation.

The event was dedicated to discussing important social topics and challenges. The discussion took place in the city of Shymkent in the Salem social settlement.

The speakers at the event were experts, activists and human rights activists

Yelena Shvetsova, founder of the Foundation
spoke about stereotypes in society
Aigerim Seitenova, director of the program department of the Foundation
spoke about the man and what surrounds him,
Akmaral Sman
talked about the importance of education for girls
Karlygash Kabatova, founder of
– on research into sexuality education
Elina Yenikeeva, lawyer of "Sana Sezim" organization
spoke about domestic violence and prevention of early pregnancy
Aizhan Yergeshova, activist of Shymkent,
- about the importance of each individual and volunteer work.
Arman Kushkimbaev, director of Salem
spoke about the matrix of relations in the family
Zauresh Battalova, President of the EPDF
– on the role of women in politics
Leila Mahmudova, organizer of TEDxAbayStWomen and TEDxYouth AbaySt conferences
– about the third wave of feminism

The event was attended by 40 people who actively participated in the discussion.

The final module of the discussion was a film screening of the play "Ұят" ("Shame") - a production that raises the current topic of sex education in Kazakhstan.

The most exciting topics of discussion were gender equality, discrimination in society, domestic violence, self-determination and the importance of education.

Participants concluded that disrespect for human rights and their values impedes the development of both individuals and society as a whole.

"Wings of Liberty" Foundation regularly holds events of this format,
devoted to human rights - it is public debates and discussions that help make society active and free to express their opinions, teach to analyze the situation in society and respect the position of another person.
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The web-site reflects information on human rights activities launched by PF Wings of Liberty in 2015, aimed at human rights education.

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