Anne Frank. A History for Today

The exhibition "Anne Frank: A History for Today" is an international exhibition dedicated to the life of Anne Frank and the Holocaust during the WWII.
Since the middle of 2015 PF Wings of Liberty has been implementing the project "Anne Frank: A History for Today".

The exposition demonstrates the basic values of civilization - freedom, equality and democracy, which should determine human actions and behavior. This is what the exhibition itself teaches, speaking about the meaning and values of human rights.

It is an educational project that includes a series of preparatory training sessions for volunteer guides and a direct exhibition on the life of Anne Frank.

After the training, volunteer guides hold an exhibition in their cities on a "peer-to-peer" principle, which implies that one of the representatives of the target group (i.e. a peer to peer) will be the one to pass on knowledge to the target group.

For 3 years of the project's existence in Kazakhstan the exhibition has visited 13 cities of our country.

This list includes Aktau, Almaty, Astana, Aktobe, Karaganda, Pavlodar, Petropavlovsk, Taraz, Semey, Shymkent, Uralsk, Ust-Kamenogorsk and Kostanay.
More than 400 volunteer-guides have been trained and held exhibitions in their cities, which were attended by almost 9,000 guests. The project was repeatedly covered in mass media and received a positive response from the Kazakh audience.

The exhibition consists of 33 panels, which provide full information about the life of Anne Frank, the history of WWII and the significance of this project at the present time.

The exhibition dedicated to Anne Frank travels around the world.

To date, it has visited more than 60 countries, including the Americas, Canada, China and several European countries.
The traveling exhibition has already been visited by over
12 million people around the world, half of whom are young people.

The exhibition was prepared by the world-famous museum Anne Frank House in Amsterdam to introduce the international public to the history of Anne Frank and to tell about the world in which she lived - a world full of anti-Semitism, discrimination and persecution of people.

In addition, the exhibition is designed to demonstrate the basic values of civilization - freedom, equality and democracy - which should determine the actions and behavior of people.

The instructive history of Anne Frank's life remains relevant in the 21st century, allowing guests of the exhibition to draw a parallel between past and present events.

Realizing the importance of the project for young people across the country, we decided to gather active volunteer-guides in Astana.

In March 2019, 21 volunteer guides from 6 cities of the country, selected through a fair competition, received advanced training in human rights from the famous Russian human rights activist Andrey Yurov.
The main goals of the training were:
  • 1
    Providing in-depth knowledge and expertise on human rights
  • 2
    Development of project planning skills
  • 3
    Involvement of the most active volunteers who became ambassadors of the project, to acquaint them with each other and to create connection between them, showing thus belonging to the international project.
  • 4
    Ambassadors' inspiration for new ideas and projects
  • 5
    Establishment of a pool of active youth representatives in different cities of Kazakhstan
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